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Maakel Fais Journey- Bring My Traditional Fais Tattoo back to Live

Marks of My Ancestor

Tattooing is big part of many pacific island cultures. For me, I grew up with lots of men with over all tattoo on Fais island in Yap, Micronesia. My great grandfather was one of the last men with the traditional Fais too. It's been over a centurty since the last men was tattooed on Fais. In 2011 I decided that I want to wear the ink forward. This is the Marks of My Ancestors and I want to bring to live for me personally and for my cultrual heritage. Just like I got inspired by the old men on Fais in the 80s and 90s, I hope I can inspire my kids and other young people to have the courage to learn and continue practicing our cultures and traditions, including the practice of tattooing.

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